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Tony Conte, Wayne Owens, Keith Johnson and George Hedke after a work shift at Matthew 25 Ministries. 

Pictured is the statue of Mary that was relocated from the side of the property to the front of the home where the consecrated women involved in the Challenge Program live in Anderson Township.  Thanks to Chris Gauche, Jerry Heard, George Hedke, Garrick Horton and Chris O'Rourke for their efforts to complete this project.

Photo of the water purification system installed at Fr. Pasala's school. This system was donated through our SMOY KofC chapter. Pictured are Fr. Pasala and the two technicians that installed the system for the school.

The Annual Knights Chili Cookoff was held at the February social meeting. Dennis Braun brough home the Golden Ladle with his brisket chili. Tums all around!

Thanks to George Hedke and Chris Chalifoux our new shelter has night lights and can be used for multiple events.

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