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Member Spotlight - Gary Purdue

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Member Spotlight - Gary Purdue

May 15, 2023
Member spotlight - Gary Purdue
Member spotlight - Gary Purdue

Gary Purdue, a SMOY member since 2016, is the current Grand Knight leading the SMOY Knights of Columbus. Gary exemplifies the leadership qualities of a coach, mentor, cheerleader, and friend.

Gary knew what he was looking for when he and his wife joined SMOY in 2016. Newly retired, they wanted a vibrant parish with a school community and a family- and faith-based community; fortunately, they found what they were looking for in SMOY.

Behind faith and family, Gary’s top priority is fitness. You will find him walking 5 miles each day and bicycling regularly. His active lifestyle allowed him to recover from a 4x bypass surgery in 2009 and gave him the energy to grow his faith and brotherhood in the Knights of Columbus.  Since his surgery in 2009, Gary confidently points out, “It was not my time to go because God has something else for me to do.” We like to believe that something else is his passion and active role within the Knights. 

Gary is celebrating his 51st year as a Knight this year.  WOW!  As Grand Knight for the past two years, he has increased membership, hosted new speakers, and driven new ideas to benefit the parish and our community. One of the speakers was even a Nobel Peace Prize winner!

When asked about his favorite saint, Gary notes he can most easily relate to St. Peter’s leadership and assumed type-A personality (evident in the popular series The Chosen). Gary is highly motivated by things he believes; of course, this also sounds a lot like St. Peter!

Finally, Gary notes, “I cannot count the number of times I walked into SMOY for mass and was welcomed with a handshake and an embrace by a brother Knight. It’s these moments that make you realize you are in the right place.”

Thank you, Gary, for your active role in the Knights and the greater community. We are all better thanks to the energy, passion, and commitment of Gary Purdue!

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